Some reason why the upcoming Ki residences will be worth considering

Some reason why the upcoming Ki residences will be worth considering

Ki Residences: The Best Residential Area In Singapore


If you are in search of a lush green location to stay then Ki Residences could be your ideal choice. This upcoming residential development stands out from the rest because of its unique setting and peaceful surrounding. Even though it is located away from the city, it still provides you with all the amenities that you need.

The site is only a short drive from Holland Village. It is located nearby the Clement area. The area is also connected to the Clement expressway using which the future residents of the development can reach the city easily. Not just that but the development is also near other important facilities like schools, colleges, shopping malls, and others.


Why KI residences?

Ki residences are the perfect residential place for leaving. It is located in a lush green setting which makes it special from the rest. This place is suitable for people who want to stay away from the chaotic city life and yet be near it. You can enjoy great panoramic views from your condominium.

The excellent location of the development allows you to have a convenient life to lead. You can get all the amenities you need and also enjoy a serene view from your unit. There are around 660 units to be sold and you have all the good reasons to choose KI residences over any other. This place is suitable for both families and couples.



As already mentioned before, you can get access to all the amenities you need from this place.


  1. The place has excellent connectivity. It is well-linked with all the nearby roads and expressways including Bukit Timah road, Clement Road, Ayeh Rajah road, and others. This will allow the future residents of the place to easily access the city whenever they need.
  2. There are a lot of educational institutes near the place. This gives a sense of relief to all the parents. They don’t have to take the pain of driving long distances to drop and pick their kids from schools. The schools and colleges located near the development are all reputed ones.
  3. You can also have access to many of the shopping malls including the Clement shopping mall. This will allow the residents to get their supplies or groceries and clothing easily. The shopping area is just a short drive away.
  4. The place is also surrounded by several hang out spots and restaurants. You can enjoy the delicious cuisines served at these restaurants while having a great time with your family.
  5. There are also parks and public places around the area where you can meet and interact with other families.

With all these facilities, life becomes so much easier. There is no doubt that future residents are going to have a great experience living here.

Ki Residences location is nothing less than a dream residential area. It has everything you need and more. It gives you both comfort and peace.